Election Statement

Our profession is facing societal and technological upheavals, i.e. New service models, AI, big data and block chain technologies. These developments present opportunities for lawyers, clients and the administration of justice but also carry risk. They require new skill, new standards, and adapted best practices. The LSO needs to proactively guide the profession through this evolving landscape and develop the appropriate regulatory framework and member support.

Comme président de l’AJEFO, j’ai eu le privilège d’inaugurer le Centre d’information juridique de l’Ontario et de contribuer à l’essor d’une association dynamique et crédible. Je suis également fier d’avoir été un des chefs de file du mouvement citoyen qui a mené à la modification de la loi sur la Ville d’Ottawa et la reconnaissance officielle du caractère bilingue de notre capitale.

I bring a varied viewpoint practicing in a large firm, but in a regional market. My health law practice is mostly provincial but my competition law practice is federal. I practice in French and English. I have lived and worked in Toronto and Washington DC, but my home is in Ottawa. I am a past president of the AJEFO and well versed in access to justice issues. I hope to bring this blend of perspective and experience to Convocation.

Afin d’assurer un accès égal à la justice en français le Barreau doit appuyer ses membres francophones et francophiles et servir le public en français. Certes il y a eu progrès depuis les dix dernières années mais il reste du travail à faire.

As a part-time professor since 2005, I have seen first-hand the challenges facing law students. I believe we need to ensure a clear, accessible and fair pathway to licensure. The LSO should carefully monitor the effects of its latest iteration of the licensing model and remain open to adjustments to address the changing needs of the profession and of those seeking to join it.

To remain credible and relevant, the Law Society of Ontario needs to carry out its mandate innovatively, fairly, proportionally and in the public interest. I am committed to bringing those values to Convocation.